Publications tagged `LEARNING`
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UDL Center The National Center on Universal Design for Learning at CAST. Together we can change the world. 371
Learning by Making pi-top brings together a global community of educators, learners, parents, thought leaders, policy makers, activists, developers and other citizens who share a passionate interest and a desire to profoundly improve upon the way we learn, live and work together. 336
Code and Design A community dedicated to teaching mobile development, web development and design, while also getting learners ready for the job market. 198
Udemy Data & Engineering Cool stuff Udemy engineers, data scientists, and product designers are working on to improve lives through learning all over the world 196
Pragmatic Life Adventures in Learning, Life, and Happiness 150
We Learn, We Grow We Learn, We Grow is a collection of critical essays and articles by Jaya Ramchandani, a lifelong learner, teacher, entrepreneur, and curator. She writes on #learning #science #philosophy #society #knowledge #natureculture and their intersections. Reach at 118
Knowledge Officer Building personalized and dynamic learning paths to help individuals reach their career goals. 110
Forethought Forethought — Looks to the future and reflects through past learning, storytelling, media and tech evangelised by Brit journalist, storyteller and senior lecturer David Dunkley Gyimah, embracing the wisdom of crowds and sharing 74
Reflective Stance Reflective Stance will highlight stories and art which explore learning, discovering, questioning, wondering, challenging through education and parenting 68
Learning Matters Written for and by inspired educators 64
Getting better, together. Learnings and thoughts on getting better, together. By the makers (and friends) of Hi5. 50
LiMiTeD Learning Marketing Technology Design 29
পরিসংখ্যান পাঠশালা — From shallow to deep learning — accessible statistics and data science 28
WDHB.log A blog about us and what we learn designing and delivering strategic learning programs. 19
Colearn Blog A platform for educators promoting 21st century learning through new pedagogy and technology 18