Publications tagged `ENTERTAINMENT`
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nameless/aimless open-ended publication for public consumption. 4
Bellator Magazine Authoritative, probing and luxurious, the magazine invites readers to discover the world of entertainment entrepreneurship in new, illuminating ways through detailed persepctihves. 4
The (Generation) Gap A blog bridging the generation gap across pop culture, social justice, and higher education. Written by students at Wesleyan University. 3
Verine Magazine Verine is a magazine dedicated to solutions journalism and investigative journalism, covering power, politics, justice, human rights, economics, creativity and entertainment. Knowledge to make a difference. 3
Lights! Camera! Action! Thoughts on some of our favorite TV shows, movies, and the people who make and star in them. 3
Bud Blog by BudWorks 3
Strictly Personal Ben Van Alboom is a journalist. Sometimes. Writing about film, music, and art. Often. This is his online shack. 3
The Convergence The Convergence is a publication made for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a nerd, a jock, a lifestyle guru, or an individual who questions everything. This is a place where anyone can come and state an opinion, write a review, or discuss current events! 3
Episode by Episode A publication for old-school recap reviews of under-examined TV shows. 3
Gamer’s Hideout Creating a Medium-based community-driven publication all about gaming. Everything from news, culture, reviews, development, strategies, and the absurd. All gamers, all platforms, and all genres are welcome; from the highly sophisticated to the most casual. 3
TheBlurb New ways to tackle new ideas 2
Boxing Day Media When sports, media, and entertainment collide. Out-of-the-box perspectives, trend analysis and landscape exploration directed at the heart of the converging — and ever-transitioning — creative industries. Focus on IP strategy, OTT/ streaming, and novel content distribution models 2
The Pop Culturist Pop culture is everywhere. It defines who we are and who we want to be. In order to tell new stories, we have to understand the old ones. 2
Decentralizing Entertainment Every corner of the entertainment industry is rife with issues. Decentalization is the hero we need. 1
knoughtville pop/radical media | past present future 1