Publications tagged `ENTERTAINMENT`
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The Companion A collection of thoughts, articles, stories and experiments about the modern world and society 1
Media Disabled Media Disabled is created by Kristen Parisi, examining how disabled people are portrayed and represented across the media landscape and ableism within the industry. 1
Sceneema Reviews/breakdowns of movies and series. 1
On A Lighter Note A corporate lawyer’s take on pop culture, sports, and entertainment. 1
The Dustbin A dustbin of medium where the stuffs that does not go anywhere is collected. Fun stuffs to read. 0
BBR Atlanta Reporting ATL in style 0
Finite Guild We’re a two-student collective that’s all about tech and pop culture. 0
The Watercooler [HQ] Your Streaming Sherpas can help you find TV shows and films that match your frame of mind and interests — and find fellow viewers through our Binge Viewers Clubs. Don’t binge alone. 0
Republic Of Story A curated collection of trends and moments of women in film and television. 0
Kaede + Jun — Real Talk Let’s get real — and talk about other Asian things than just entertainment. But if you want some K-drama / entertainment news, check out 0
streamfunc Movies and shows weren’t meant to be watched alone so StreamFunc is building amazing new ways to experience streaming entertainment together. In this publication you’ll get insights into how to have to best streaming entertainment experiences. 0
Leisured Back The Medium Page of Leisured Back. Find posts from my Leisured Back Blog on here too. 0