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GEN What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture. 100,705
The Polis Thought-provoking articles on politics, philosophy, and policy 867
Common Sense Now The leading conservative publication on Medium 539
Breakthrough Politics, tech, culture, economics magazine // commentary, analysis, opinion pieces and more 235
BraveWins Your source for everything Gillibrand 2020. 134
Joe’s Journal Joe’s Journal is a project by California High Schoolers for Biden, the official CA chapter of High Schoolers for Biden. This project aims to raise general awareness inside and outside our group, which is done through writing about Biden’s campaign and initiatives taken by us. 24
99Days 99Days is a publication with an expiration date — 1/20/21. It begins in October and ends on or about Inauguration Day, with whatever future that day will foretell. Submissions — Send a note to 23
Thomas Bastasch #SaveCalifornia 14
Concis Opinion 13
#FullSpeedAhead Working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Arizona in 2020 9
Blue Reine Magazine The Magazine Dedicated to Voter Engagement & Empowering Candidates 3
The U.S. Democratic Primaries Election Compass The Election Compass is a “Voting Advice Application”, a popularized academic tool comparing citizens’ opinions to their political candidates’ positions on the most prominent and contentious issues in the campaign. Try it yourself at! 2
Electo Electo is an iOS and Android app designed to keep Americans informed. Follow to join our community. 1
Election Issues Spotlight From pandemic and political upheaval to foreign influence and misinformation, Miles Rapoport examines the myriad threats to our elections and the opportunities we have to solve these potential failures. 0