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Latest Posts

Don’t Laugh at Rick Perry’s Pathetic Instagram Gaffe

The energy secretary’s ignorance points to a far more insidious problem

Trump’s Anti-Abortion War Is Wiping Out Independent Providers

Without Title X funding, some of the nation’s most vulnerable communities may risk losing health care

Eulogy for a Small-Town Paper

RIP the Hoboken Reporter (1983–2019)

What Does the Rise of the Child Activist Say About Us?

The media obsession with — and recent mockery of — teen climate activist Greta Thunberg show how we’re failing future generations

Active Shooter Drills Will Not Save Our Kids

With the new school year, we’re once again traumatizing a generation of children with a lesson that won’t work

The Trump Administration’s Onslaught Against Trans Rights Continues

The government wants to make it legal to fire someone for being trans — or for not resembling what they think a woman should look like

Migrant Children Deserve Our Love, Not Detention

The Homestead detention facility may lock up innocent immigrant kids once again. It’s unconscionable.

Next Person to Say They’re ‘Childfree’ Gets a Time-Out

I published a book about choosing not to have kids. But I’m not gloating and neither should you.

What Quentin Tarantino Got Wrong About Bruce Lee

In real life, Bruce bragged less about his fighting style than his absence of style

How to Avoid the Real Fake News

The best way to combat wild conspiracy theories is through media literacy


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