Publications tagged `LAW`
Name Followers
Legal Design and Innovation Curated learnings from Stanford's Legal Design Lab about the future of legal services 2,371
Crypto Law Review A journal pushing the bounds of our legal imaginaries, on-chain, off-chain, and against the chain. 643
Dead Lawyers Society Business. Law. Journalism 632
The Algorithmic Society Bridging digital, human, operational realms 403
Law of Cryptocurrency Summaries of legal opinions about bitcoin, virtual currencies and blockchain technology 240
The Counselor Chronicles The Law Explained by Lawyers 171
Litigation Playbook Original stories in major litigation, legal career, and litigation finance. 84
The Justice Lab - A Critical Analysis For Justice Challenging our assumptions and sharpening our analyses. 77
I Taught the Law Lawyers, law professors, students, and other legal professionals bring you the untold stories of the rules, institutions, and people that govern our lives (without too much legalese). 71
walawlibrary The Washington State Law Library’s mission is to promote reliable access to legal information and provide expert legal reference assistance. Visit us online at: 55
LawSpring LawSpring is an award-winning publication which shares new insights on current legal issues. 44
The Blockchain Bench Focused on Blockchain Law & Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption 34
Watson Law A law firm's take on new technologies. 31
LawGeek by Aurum We are passionate about writing simple stories on the most important and complicated legal matters 26
The Scales of Injustice A publication focused on stories about (in)justice and the criminal justice system. 25