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Small NGO with a big patent urging BigTech & Crypto to enable trash/hazard reporting & open source data. "The Wi-Fi & Bluetooth of TrashTech" -

Andrea Leiter

Researcher in dispute resolution, investment law, blockchain technology, global governance

Latest Posts

Crypto in Congress

What You Need to Know

Bitcoin Battle

War-gaming BTC v. BCH v. BSV strategies.

Token Taxonomy Frameworks

Blockchain’s full potential lies beyond “security v. utility”

Crypto State & Religion

Everyone knows crypto is tribal. Here’s a sketch of cryptos as churches.

Thank you for this great critique. A few stream-of-consciousness thoughts in response.

-Relevance to Today: the Soviet comparison is not just a historical/philosophical one. It has direct relevance to the postures, strategies…

Blockchain Governance 114: Sovereignty & Intervention

Does global blockchain governance necessarily mean “public” intervention into “private” legal relations — ?

Crypto Delisting Law & Policy

Crypto exchanges have the right to “delist” tokens & coins like BSV. But what’s the scope of those rights?

Genericide: Trademarking “Blockchain”

In this article, we discuss generic and merely descriptive marks , and how these 2 types of marks apply to “blockchain” and…

Anaïs Urlichs’ — (In)formal Blockchain Governance

On governance protocols and the importance of formalising (in)formal governance processes

Looking for the Soul in Satoshi’s work

Helping Crypto Law & Crypto Theology Come to Life


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