Publications tagged `UX`
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sammysmith Utah-based UX Designer 2
FigPii Conversion rate optimizatoin platform 2 is experimenting with new ideas around product management, UX design and software engineering to help craft better products that customers love. 2
Build The Right Thing Using data and intuition to make better products. 2
Studitemps Tech Studitemps Product & Development — Engineering, UX and Data Science 2
404 the Record A GeoCity slicker teaching the web about the web. 1
Startup Games Stories & In-depth Studies about Technology, Business Models, Journeys of Startups 1
UX Kitchen Helping pan-African entrepreneurs and professionals learn to build products that are useful, usable, desirable, and adoptable through mastery of UX. 1
Valencian Digital We’re a Dallas-based web agency dedicated to empowering clients to build strong and modern websites. Focusing on utilizing new and revolutionary technology and software design patterns to develop efficient, secure, and maintainable applications. 1
The Product Manager We’re a community of product people, exploring the latest and best of customer insights, UX, design, development, marketing, and analytics. 1
Games R UX Exploring the user experience behind beloved (or not) games 1
The Digital Pragmatist A collection of short, sharp and practical content that helps teams better solve human-centred, digital problems. From the brains of Becky and Ollie at 1
The Auditors Pte Ltd A portfolio publication 0
She Can Do Human-centred tales of learnings and DOings 0
UXology Anthology of thoughts, learnings and reflections about my journey as UX Designer 0