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Anima App Anima — Empowering designers. 641 Writers Articles from the writers at 549
Riot Games UX Design The Riot Games UX Design blog shares perspectives from Experience Designers focusing on solving problems and designing for players so we can deliver on Riot’s desire to engage players through awesome experiences. 505
8px Magazine Life, by designers. 388
Goiabada A delicious mix of software development, design and business. By the people of Guava Software (and friends). 375
UX School UX career advice for UX designers, brought to you by 374
The Human Centered Design Network This is HCD is focussed on capturing a representative voice of the industry by sharing a vision and understanding between the people who contribute to the creation of services in the world. 310
Ideas by Crema All of our thoughts and ideas. 268
A chair in a room Articles and sketches concerning the design of interactions, things and experiences. Title from Eliel Saarinen: ”Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context — a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” 265
Pocket Design Tales from the Pocket Design Team 242
Societe Generale Design Meet the design practitioners and enthusiasts of Societe Generale. We craft meaningful products and experiences for start-ups, corporates and financial institutions. 225
Elezea Discussions and reflections on the product management journey 224
Museums and Digital Culture - Pratt Institute Stories of the Museums and Digital Culture (MS) program at Pratt Institute. 214
Supercharge's Digital Product Development Guide At Supercharge we build high-impact mobile products making life easier for millions of users. Creating stunning experiences can only happen if you stretch yourself. To supercharge means to go that extra mile. We are happy to share with you what we learn on our journey. 208
Oki Doki Oki Doki is a creative digital agency founded by Marie Poulin and Benjamin Borowski, focused on planning, designing, and developing rich, end-to-end digital experiences that connect with users and drive business outcomes. 196