Publications tagged `VENTURE CAPITAL`
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Blazer Micro-publication bridging financial technology, startups, and vc’s. 6
Maven Ventures Maven Ventures is a seed-stage consumer software-focused venture fund. We back ambitious founders with a vision worth fighting for, and help them bring software that will improve millions of lives to the world. 6
Venture for Change Inspired by Venture Capital, I am on the look out for new opportunities which will allow me to leave my fingerprint in this world. 4
Attention Lab Observations on media, marketing, technology and the war for attention. 4
The 2.8% : a collective voice of women founders raising venture capital #the2point8 By bringing our stories out from private forums and into the public sphere, we highlight the hidden inequities women and other underrepresented founders face when raising and using venture capital. #the2point8 email Twitter @the2point8 4
The Art of the Start Lessons from startup land 3
Torre Capital Original content meant for investors interested in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Private Debt, Pre-IPO Equity, upcoming startups 3
Apex Haus We are Apex Haus, a product strategy focused on finding the best industry-disrupting early-stage startups. 2
Polaris Partners Perspectives Updates and perspective from the team at Polaris Partners, an investment firm with a 20-plus-year history of partnering with repeat entrepreneurs and world-class innovators who are improving the way we live and work. 1
Aurelius An ode to the Philosopher King. My thoughts on venture capital, start-ups, storytelling and other stuff. Embrace multitudes. 1
bValue Venture Capital We invest in seed and early stage in Central Europe 1
Seaview Analytics Fresh and clear perspectives from scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers on the latest trends in data science — and what they mean for your business 1
Rain Capital Rain Capital is Cybersecurity venture fund based in the San Francisco bay area. A women-led and -managed fund, Rain invests in disruptive companies that push the boundaries of cybersecurity. 0
Heal Ventures Heal Ventures is a startup studio that builds and invests in the next generation of mental health & wellness startups. Writing about mental health, wellness, stigma, culture and all things in this space. 0
King River Capital Blog posts, opinion pieces, and articles on startup culture, venture capital investing, and technology by the King River Capital team 0