Publications tagged `TECH`
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Ulzi We are Ulzi, a technology company dedicated to making the world a safer place. 12
MidMillennial For all the CEO’s, people-managers, and individual contributors in The Struggle 11
Metromerce Bangkok’s Startup Incubator and CTO as a Service 10
Thoughts by Alexander Peiniger I’m co-founder and CEO at quintly, a social media analytics company. This is my personal blog where I write about all my favorite topics including Entrepreneurship, Travel, Tech and Social Media. 10
Dyson on: Lifting the lid on Dyson. Telling exciting stories about innovation, engineering, and technology. 10 Early stage oceantech fund in Norway 7
Bicycle Technologies We build data analytics tools for educational institutions. 6
observing iterations Things in tech change the most through iterations. 5
Improbable Engineering How we’re building the future — and other stories. 5
Riflex We love to create. 3
The Magnum All Magnum Brands. 3
Easy Tech Tools A tech blog decoding various manual recovery techniques, reapiring databases, email management, recovery management and various otherTips & Tricks 1