Publications tagged `TECH`
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REKKI Team REKKI is a free mobile app that lets you order and chat with any supplier. 123
Skyrise Our selected toughts about technology, business, innovation and more. Information about us on Any questions or ideas — say ;) 116
Cermati Tech The technology and the people behind it 111
Team Stink Words of wisdom and nonsense from Stinkers around the globe. 105
Inside BUX Stories of the people who make BUX. 101
Redbubble The inner workings of our lives. 99
Anuradha Weeraman | Blog Director @ Virtusa 96
In The Pocket Insights Inspiration from the digital side 94
Sutherland Labs Stories driven by curiosity to improve everyday experiences 93
DeCodeIN The intersection where technology meets consumers 87
Bra Theory We have a new home @ — an empathetic and mathematical approach to bras 86
daliaresearch Founded in 2013, Dalia is a Berlin-based technology startup that distributes millions of surveys in over 90 countries to provide research agencies, academia, public institutions, brands and other organizations access to high-quality market & opinion data. 84
Disrupt Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. 83
BETA BOOM Insights for first-time tech founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. 81
merapar Techblog of Merapar 79