Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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infoNation 5 minutes a week ensuring news on people and machines making the world a better place are heard! 6
Data Speakers Bringing the power of data science, NLP and Machine Learning to the world of communications, PR and politics. 6
That Data Guy Just my thoughts and data explorations that I’ve decided other people can see! 6
The Big Data Blog by Callisto Media Lab News, opinions and observations about big data from researchers and engineers at Callisto Media Lab. 6
Simplifying Data Contributing towards Data Science community 6
Captify Captify — Powering decisions globally through Search Intelligence 6
PyHack print(‘Learn to code in Python!’) 5
EMINES DataLab EMINES data science club 5
éclairé Jai Kotia and Rishika Bharti present éclairé, where you will find exciting articles about AI and concise reviews of technical papers in the field. 5
Insights @ Monash University IP Observatory The IP Observatory by @therealSodaLabs at Monash University (Australia) observes, in near real time, the quality of the internet at any location on the globe. Here we share timely insights and context, with visual flair, for social good. 4
Kamu Data A modern data science platform that puts “open” into open data 4
Arco-Iris Ideations Research for fun, profit and community. 4
omnilyticsco We Are Market Intelligence 4
The simple Maths behind Simple Linear Regression Getting acquainted with the most popular and most intuitive Machine Learning Algorithm, called Simple Linear Regression. 4
Letters to a Layperson Explaining things I should know to myself. 3