Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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Cup to Cup Cup to Cup Magazine is focused on promoting transparency and knowledge on food and drink products, brands, ingredients, diets, and nutrition as well as discussing sustainability and best practices within the food and drink ecosystem. 4
omnilyticsco We Are Market Intelligence 4
Insights @ Monash University IP Observatory The IP Observatory by @therealSodaLabs at Monash University (Australia) observes, in near real time, the quality of the internet at any location on the globe. Here we share timely insights and context, with visual flair, for social good. 4
AI Explorations Exploring ideas at the intersection of data, artificial intelligence, business and technology. 4
Keita Starts Data Science Keita just started learning data science with little knowledge about programing in June 2019. You will see how it goes. 3
rubbish stories Meet Rubbish. We are cleaning litter, and creating healthy and sustainable communities. 3
Flipside Crypto Engineering & Data Science Creative builders and scientists empowering blockchains projects with unique insights to grow their businesses and eco-systems. 3
level += 1 Adventures in Datascience 3
Letters to a Layperson Explaining things I should know to myself. 3
Mozenda Scalable web data harvesting. 2
Data Science & AI Data Science | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning 2
Show Me The Data Optimistic data science for politics and public policy 2
INPUT A digital publication about modern data science and analytics. 2
Anne Kerr’s Blog All things data… 2
evangelinelee Data Analysis in R 2