Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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Symbl Engineering and Data Science Symbl Engineering and Data Science Learning and Stories 4
Intelec AI Zero-code machine learning platform 4
Sports Data Science Sports data science for all levels 4
DATA PEACE AI We ensure that you not only experience great technology but also remarkable business outcomes. 4
Hypatai Fail to accept the null hypothesis, be different. Significantly. 4
Intellytics Solutions Intellytics offers integrated portfolio of solutions and services through Analytics and Data science in area of Business Intelligence. We are one-stop-shop for our client looking for data driven business decisions using Business Intelligence tools. 4
UnitX AI Magazine UnitX provides AI solutions, products & services for different industries 4
DeepKlarity DeepKlarity 4
Edraak Engineering We are a leading non profit, online education platform that is transforming education in the MENA region. Being one of the few educational Arabic content providing platforms, our aim is to provide equal chances for every individual that seeks knowledge. 4
Model Interpretability The following publication is the work of Abhishek Maheshwarappa and Kartik Kumar 4
MECO Engineering Monitoring explicit content online; through data science, we can build a safer online environment. 4
Letters to a Layperson Explaining things I should know to myself. 3
Keita Starts Data Science Keita just started learning data science with little knowledge about programing in June 2019. You will see how it goes. 3
rhhrdoesdata utopian dreamer of data 3
INPUT A digital publication about modern data science and analytics. 3