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Sigmoid Self Learning Machines | Open Source | Cloud 1
Fancy Data Toaster Data science for discriminating palates. 0
Agrimetrics Dev Yard The Developer Blog from Agrimetrics Ltd. 0
Learning The Data Science Way Making world a better place using Data Science 0
Practicum by Yandex We help overcome the barrier to entry into information technology. 0
Human Digital Intelligence Fostering research on the evolution of human digital intelligence. 0
Kapernikov Belgium’s leading experts in data for asset management and industry 4.0. 0
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Sports X Analytics The crossover of the (e^R)a. The sports world is curretly in an analytical revolution, and we’re just here to make it make sense. 0
Sapphire Seeker Project Sapphire Seeker Project is a community aiming for next-gen data science ecosystem. 0
Emulation Nerd I am Multi-Disciplinary Engineer pursuing my M.S in Mathematics from BITS Pilani, interested in the field of AI and Data Science. I usually have not-so-novel approaches to understanding concepts and problem solving. They work better for me mostly and wanted to share those here. 0
Smart data Big data 0