Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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3-D point clouds objects detection and classification Graph connected components 0
Data Dolittle An applied data science platform 0
Iggy Tech Making the world’s data accessible 0
Data: Science & Engineering In our fast paced, data driven world, we are faced with the challenge of developing agile software that can evolve with emerging technologies and do its work each time faster. Whether is engineering the data flow or running ML models to extract results, we have to handle our data 0
The Sports Slaughterhouse The Sports Slaughterhouse takes some aspect of sports and chops it into fine little pieces until you can’t even recognize it anymore. 0
CDO by AlphaConverge AlphaConverge is a consulting firm, top expert in digital/data science from other leading management consulting firms like Accenture. Guest author on top publications. CDO offers insights to help C-level leaders to navigate the pandemic. 0
AlayaLabs AlayaLabs, AlayaCare’s R&D Department, is a strategic group that helps deliver innovation and product strategy at AlayaCare. Our goal is to leverage proven and emerging technologies to enable data driven home care agencies. 0
Genie Lab Personal data story journal by Rakesh Chintha -1
Applications of Machine Learning The authors of this publications are students at IIIT Delhi. They are passionate computer science learners having a keen interest in software development and data science. -1