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DataProds Looking forwards to your articles. 0
Brainwave Storytelling community about thoughts and improvements for the better. Join us today and make a brainwave 0
xFAANG Stories from xFAANG, a remote software engineering company founded by former employees of Big Tech companies. We apply the top industry practices and expertise to deliver your projects and empower you team. 0
pyDataScience Discussing the various techniques, applications and advancement in data science, with major interest in data analytics, machine learning and deep neural networks. 0
Farmwave We are a seasoned team of visionaries, engineers, designers, and strategists working together to put advanced technology to practical use. 0
The Long Beard Blog Container of tips and tricks for Data Science in Python. Updates on Modern Machine Learning Methods and best practices 0
Peak1014 Peak1014 official blog 0
rond blog rond is your trusted advisor and innovation partner for large and medium sized organizations on the area of Data Science, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Apps. rond is a succesful partner of software vendors such as Mendix, SAP and Qlik. 0
Tech Heiress For all the women in technology, who are working their ways to contribute and make it better. We all are “Tech Heiress”. 0
3-D point clouds objects detection and classification Graph connected components 0
Data Dolittle An applied data science platform 0
Iggy Tech Making the world’s data accessible 0
Data: Science & Engineering In our fast paced, data driven world, we are faced with the challenge of developing agile software that can evolve with emerging technologies and do its work each time faster. Whether is engineering the data flow or running ML models to extract results, we have to handle our data 0
The Sports Slaughterhouse The Sports Slaughterhouse takes some aspect of sports and chops it into fine little pieces until you can’t even recognize it anymore. 0
CDO by AlphaConverge AlphaConverge is a consulting firm, top expert in digital/data science from other leading management consulting firms like Accenture. Guest author on top publications. CDO offers insights to help C-level leaders to navigate the pandemic. 0