Publications tagged `PSYCHOLOGY`
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NeuroPsyAntics Personal/professional hybrid blog of Anu Kumar. Stories include research, scicomm, and culture. 5
Patrick Whitehead doing psychology outside the lines 5
Embodied Thinking Body, Mind and how it all translates into being authentically Human 5
INNOVEAU Hot off the press, raw and original. 4
Modern Parent The best parenting stories delivered straight to your inbox. 4
Psych Human stories of experience, health and lifestyle 4
Thinking INFP/Expressing 4 I think as an INFP, and I express myself as a type 4. This is my view of the world through cognitive functions, fears, and desires. 3
Organizations For Impact We bring together expertise in organizational psychology, business management, and social impact to make life better for people at work. 3
Rewire Institute Psychology of self-actualization — Tools and processes enabling humans to evolve both emotionally and cognitively 3
PsyAI We are passionate about Psychology and Machine Learning. The blog posts in this publication are the results of our spirited discussions that involve recurring patterns common across both the fields. 2
The Authentic Life A collection of Yitterings on living life, as authentically as possible. 2
The Wonderland Culture Report music, culture, mental health 2
It Crossed My Mind Observations and reflections on experiences in the classroom and in life 0
Stillpoint Mag Stillpoint Mag curates contemporary writer, scholars, and artists to understand what is behind the ‘I’. 0