Publications tagged `PSYCHOLOGY`
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Heartbreak poetry documenting a love story, that ended with a painful heartbreak 79
Blank 101 A group of individuals keen to bring peace and prosperity in this world with their words and wisdom. We do not consider anyone beneath us and only share information which we truly believe in for the real truth is the truth which comes with a blank. 74
Lucid Nightmare A publication dedicated to centre ground nuance and the end of the world as we know it. The political and dystopic ramblings of a mad English playwright. 67
Write Well, Be Well Writing can be a hard, lonely business- but it doesn’t have to be. Join us for honest, uplifting advice at the intersection of writing and mental health. 59
Science of Minds Discover the Science of Minds: Cutting-edge insights from neuroscience and psychology. 45
The Graye Matter Blog Insights from the Medigraytion team on the science of consciousness, neuropsychology, anatomy & physiology and how they connect to create our personal and collective reality. Edited by Laura Graye 45
The Reflectionist Daily reflections on creativity, life and work in poetry, articles and essays 45
Sky Blue Muse Self-Awareness | Pragmatic Idealism | Purposeful Living | Minimalist Creativity | Metaphysical Poetry 44
Neurotech@Berkeley Writers, consultants, engineers, and designers working toward advancing neurotechnology for the benefit of humanity. 43
Modern Theory Psychology and Philosophy 42
ardent path journal Mission: To positively influence others to exceed or achieve their goals one bite-size step at a time. We’re here to help you thrive. 38
The Psychologist Simple tips to improve your relationships and reach goals with more ease. 34
Design Portfolio Irving Rivera’s Design Porfolio 33
The Leadership Psychology The Leadership Psychology strives to provide actionable advise on using positive psychology to maintain strong leadership skills and resiliency. Our articles are based on input from leadership authorities in business, medicine, social work, product development, and academia. 33
The Blight. Uncovering true crime stories. I dare you to discover. 31