Publications tagged `PSYCHOLOGY`
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Dr Jon Brock Science writings: Neuroscience, psychology, science publishing, open science, science communication 23
The Psychologist Simple tips to improve your relationships and reach goals with more ease. 23
Viz: magazine A publication with brains and balls 22
definitelyliliput A thought dump on art, gaming, and psychology. 19
Productivity And Mind Hacks To foster our minds and bring our productivity to the next level 15
Erraticus Spontaneous Culture. Emotional Intelligence. A pragmatic approach to ideas. 14
Cognitive Handshakes The decisions that led you to this blog are the result of billions of cognitive handshakes across time and space. And now for some additional cognitive handshakes leading to thoughts on consciousness, psychology, morality, and controversies in science. 12
Power Lines An accessible, scholarly analysis at the intersection between power and narrative. Particularly: How do states gain power through narrative? How do individuals & groups dare to resist that power? What are the mechanisms by which myth and power are connected? 12
The NeuroJitsu Blog Exploring the ideas, tools and skills that facilitate mastery 10
Lucid Nightmare A publication dedicated to all things dystopian. If the world is going to end in a fireball at least you’ll know why. 10
The Modern Mr. and Mrs. The Modern Mr. and Mrs. is a relationship coaching business that focuses on committed couples struggling with trust, communication, and sexual intimacy. The company also has an extensive Family & Relationships blog. 9
Mind the Gap Exploring unconscious and conscious worlds within the personal and social worlds. 9
Living with Joy Lessons from a young cocker spaniel in how to live. 9
Verita-serum Truth potion — (mostly) truthful analysis, insights and opinion on wide-ranging societal topics. 9
Thoughts on the Human Psyche Let's think more. Let's think better. 7