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Confessions Of A Teenage Tech Addict An exploration of how technology is shaping the world and our place in it. Written by an addicted teenager. 0
Human Data Point A think tank for personal data, privacy, digital footprinting and the quantified self 0
Writer in the Works Posts documenting my journey to becoming a fulltime writer. Earnings, strategies, wins, and fails all included. 0
Make Progress Learn how to be more productive and happy in life and work through value-based goal setting, building positive habits, and creating systems to make progress on what matters. 0
Shoutbase Effective time and goal tracking 0
Let’s Write A publication about writing for the writing community, covering books, freelance, self-publishing and more. 0
Productivity Tips For Parents Adventures in full-time childcare + building and running three businesses. 0
Life Line We’re here to make life better! Get the most out of life with our helpful tips, advice, and answers. 0
Re-Made Life skills via the brightest minds & top media brands, found in the Re-Made library ( 0
Kevin van Dun The Blog Articles on living a better life through happiness, minimalism, productivity, technology. 0
TripleZest Insightful information about how you can achieve a healthy and sustainable balance between your body, mind, and soul while being productive, successful and satisfied in life 0
Quarantine Chronicles As we adapt to life indoors, human behavior is changing. There’s plenty of bad news, but there’s also creativity; moments of genius or human kindness that shine through, whether they’re making us laugh, cry, or just take a deep breath. That’s what we’re highlighting here. 0
The Road To Glory Where experience is forged into lessons of self-improvement, productivity, and creativity. 0
Analyzing Life Philosophy made simple. 0
Eashan’s Thoughts This is a space for me to share productivity tips and other useful information. A place where a few of my thoughts can live. 0