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Human Data Point A think tank for personal data, privacy, digital footprinting and the quantified self 0
Writer in the Works Posts documenting my journey to becoming a fulltime writer. Earnings, strategies, wins, and fails all included. 0
Make Progress Learn how to be more productive and happy in life and work through value-based goal setting, building positive habits, and creating systems to make progress on what matters. 0
Shoutbase Effective time and goal tracking 0
Let’s Write A publication about writing for the writing community, covering books, freelance, self-publishing and more. 0
Productivity Tips For Parents Adventures in full-time childcare + building and running three businesses. 0
Life Line We’re here to make life better! Get the most out of life with our helpful tips, advice, and answers. 0
Re-Made Life skills via the brightest minds & top media brands, found in the Re-Made library ( 0
Kevin van Dun The Blog Articles on living a better life through happiness, minimalism, productivity, technology. 0
TripleZest Insightful information about how you can achieve a healthy and sustainable balance between your body, mind, and soul while being productive, successful and satisfied in life 0
Quarantine Chronicles As we adapt to life indoors, human behavior is changing. There’s plenty of bad news, but there’s also creativity; moments of genius or human kindness that shine through, whether they’re making us laugh, cry, or just take a deep breath. That’s what we’re highlighting here. 0
Analyzing Life Philosophy made simple. 0
Eashan’s Thoughts This is a space for me to share productivity tips and other useful information. A place where a few of my thoughts can live. 0
The Road To Glory Where experience is forged into lessons of self-improvement, productivity, and creativity. 0
knowremote KnowRemote is a medium publication for corporate workers and teams who fully or partially work from home. We provide tips, resources, and guidance, as well as informational stories about why working from home is the best new idea for the corporate world since the internet itself. 0