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Bittersweetie Our stories are bittersweet, but this is the magic of life 1
Paradox of Reality Relationships, Phantoms, Truth and Lies 1
The Edge The edge of the soul from which these words flow. 1
Zoey Writes All the words on life, relationships, love, and wellness 1
Sami Sisters Stories on faith — and patriotism. Separated in government, but inextricably linked in the soul. Let’s go on saving, then. 0
Sex With T.S. Sex Talk | Straight. No Chaser. 0
Just a Minute of Just a Minute of motivation, self-improvement, life lessons, and love. Short articles for those looking for a quick Medium fix. Best read on the go, or standing completely still — whatever takes your fancy. 0
The Poetry Whisperer A cornucopia of haiku, senryu and other poetry forms from a love-lived life in academia and beyond 0
Love or…? Welcome to a publication involving love. 0
The Perception Taking life one day at a time 0
The psychic dose The psychic dose community shares insights about the unexplained things that runs in our minds. 0
Prone A lifestyle publication for those that will inadvertently become strippers, along with those poor souls that will inevitably have to clean a grown man’s shit from their kitchen floor. Hey, it could happen to you. 0
Heartbreak Glow Up Heartbreak Glow Up is the place to go for post-breakup recovery and dating tips. we combine science, support and spirituality topics in one publication to give you the tools you need to turn this breakup into a glow up. We got you. 0
Looking Both Ways Two sisters with two perspectives, attempting to reassure you that there is no right way of doing life! 0
Demystifying Love ‘Demystifying Love’ is a Medium publication about love, dating and relationships. We bring relationship experts from all over the world and attempt to take an honest look at what makes relationships work. 0