Publications tagged `LOVE`
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Just Jordin Stories by Jordin James 105
Of Poetry and People A place for the lovers of poetry, heart-touching personal stories and beautiful places. Let’s breathe magic into words and turn our life and self into poetry! 104
Goddess Portal Support Awakening into Oneness, a way of being in HER world 104
Red Rose Red Rose Poetry and Musings 103
The Love Lock Emotional resilience in a time of chaos 98
Digital Reflections How to cope digitally 97
Fictitious Short fiction by Scott Gese. I make stuff up. 96
THE PIVOT POINT When you're ready to consider 95
Blue Pen Writing lessons to keep you inspired 92
Adam & Rebecca Murauskas A married couple writing authentic stories about relationships, mental health, and self-discovery. 90
Candid Conversations Sharing stories about life and relationships. 87
Tabula Rasa Cheney Meaghan’s Place for Poetry 85
All About Men This is a question that a lot of ladies are actually going to struggle in especially when they find themselves in the early stages of a young relationship. How does your man really feel about being with you? 85
Haiku Poem Trove This publication inspired by life and written in the form of a Haiku. These short poems take on many themes, from love to nature and life to death. 84
Submissive Me Brave talk about love, sex and empowerment 84