Publications tagged `REVIEW`
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ANMLY Features Supplement to the Online Journal of Literature and Art 3,484
Frame Rated Film & TV reviews, features, and retrospectives. 1,409
Dans Media Digest A pop culture site focused on Film & TV reviews, opinion pieces, news, and features. 478
Tasta Straightforward video game reviews, articles & media. © 2020 Brightful BV 304
Resonance Reviews Resonance Reviews is a publication dedicated to bringing fair and rich reviews to the table while skipping the fluff that reviews usually have. We are dedicated to providing you the best in audio hardware reviews. Want to get in contact? Email us: 257
The Riveting Review Constantly fascinated by the words that lie sprawled across the page, begging someone to engage, lean in, and flip to the next part of the story. Book reviews keep us abreast of the newest stories, the newest journeys, and the newest lives we could all be living. 177
Sci-Fi Movie Reviews I love science fiction, and I love a good movie. Oh, and SPOILERS! 133
Demeter Loves If you’ve ever wondered what products, people, places, and ideas I recommend, look no further. 80
The Oracle Africa An afrocentric medium publication set on remembering, valuing and preserving African culture and heritage. 71
Clocked In Magazine music focused magazine doing research articles and reviews of all genres across the globe. we’re want to hear everything. if you have any releases email us! 67
Casual Rambling My home for casual discussion or rant about film, TV, sports, gaming, wrestling, or music 41
The Griffin Student newspaper from Chestnut Hill College. 31
“Who Asked You?” I keep writing really long posts about my favorite shows & current events, and it’s just better this way. 29
Highfalutin Afternoon Tea Society H.A.T.S. is a project to visit and review all afternoon tea services in the San Francisco Area. 26
The B Take Follow along for the latest news, reviews, and rants. 19