Publications tagged `CREATIVE PROCESS`
Name Followers
Kickstarter Magazine Stories about how independent creators bring their projects to life. 7,123
Creative Enlightenment Articles about creativity from the leading authorities in the field including neuroscience, psychology and creative leaders from all walks of life. 520
The Operating System The Operating System is a peer-facilitated experiment in the redistribution of creative resources and possibility. We are committed to gathering resources for citizen action, to transparency, to a unique publishing model, and to continuous evolution. We are based in Brooklyn, NY. 458
The Creative Mind Articles on The Art & Science of Creative Expression. Learn how to nurture and maintain your creative abilities with science backed articles and personal essays on creativity 300
HEART. SOUL. PEN. Personal essay, musings, works in progress & inspiration from HEART. SOUL. PEN. writers. Learn more at WWW.HEARTSOULPEN.COM. 112
Create or be created Learn how to create more, better, and different work than ever before. 82
MOWE Studio Stories about both work and remote culture, business and marketing. 55
Takram Stories Stories and thoughts behind Takram’s projects and studio lives in Tokyo, London and New York 46
The Museum of the Neurodivergent Aesthetic This publication is home to new conversations and case studies about the Neurodivergent Aesthetic 29
Behind the Scenes Writing what no one sees behind the sees and the camera. 21
Make Real Every life a creative life. 16
The Mindful Writer Writing is about showing up: on the page and in your life. 13
Just Write, Write Now A place to get your writing out into the world. 12
The Honestly Press Humble thoughts around marketing, advertising and design from your friends at 12
828 Design 828 Design is about exploring what drives us to reach our creative potential and how we might engage the hearts of our customers through our businesses. Let’s connect at 11