Publications tagged `BIOTECHNOLOGY`
Name Followers
BIOS Community Nucleus of Life Science Innovation — By Alix Ventures 2,743
Future Literacy Creating mental models for an emerging future 1,406
SOSV Posts from HAX (hardware), IndieBio (life sciences), Chinaccelerator/MOX (cross-border internet), and dlab (blockchain). 1,144
Future Vision A publication centered around high quality storytelling 1,003
New Harvest The 501(c)(3) research institute accelerating breakthroughs in #cellularagriculture to reinvent the way we make animal products — without animals. 867
Technomancy AI + Biology 663
NeuroTechX Content Lab The NeuroTechX Content Lab brings together writers, editors and designers to create original written content exploring the world of neurotechnology from new and varied perspectives. If you’re interested in contributing, pitch your idea here: 586
The Computational Biology Magazine Share your knowledge, research and ideas related to Computational Biology 393 Stories about biomedical technologies which could increase healthy human lifespan. We focus on healthspan, longevity, rejuvenation biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and life extension. 243
Variant Bio Variant Bio is developing therapies that will improve global health by studying the genes of people who are outliers for medically relevant traits. 87
CellAgri CellAgri is a research and insights platform that provides the latest insights on a range of topics relating to cellular agriculture and how this field is emerging to provide a solution in sustainable animal products. 77
The Reading Frame The Reading Frame highlights breakthroughs at the leading edge of science, technology, and innovation. 56
Elucidata Elucidata accelerates drug discovery by applying its AI-enabled platform, Polly, to vast heterogeneous semi-structured biomedical data. Polly makes available biomedical data FAIR and transforms it into a ready-to-use form. 49
The Substrate Searching for butterflies 39
The Digital Biologist Dispatches from the new frontier in computational biology 33