Publications tagged `DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION`
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Kraftful Delightful apps for smart home companies 7
PebbleRoad Our field notes on digital transformation. 7
Zipper Studios We are an award-winning Mobile Development studio that specializes in developing stunning custom Mobile Applications. ( 6
17seconds We believe that great people and companies thrive in the face of evolution. We help great companies transform their products, services, and businesses utilizing the power of lean product development, strategic design and collaboration. 6
Pixians Pixians is a renowned UX/UI design agency that deals with mobile and web applications, landing pages, logos, branding and software designing. It employs a heuristic process to craft unforgettable designs and cultivate a positive user experience. 6
Solidarity Hall Reimagining American community 6
Raindrops Voices, Opinions and Ideas of People of Petrikoer 3
Blackcreek Driven by challenge. Inspired to solve. Blackcreek is an innovation firm partnering with forward-thinking brands and businesses. 3
Postshift We are a specialist consulting & software firm focused on helping business leaders diagnose, upgrade and manage their Organisational Operating System to become more agile, adaptive & connected. 2
The X Factory Make growth inevitable through technology. Learn about industry-best practices, guides, and trends in building disruptive digital businesses. More at 0
THREAD Insights Thread is a boutique firm changing the way businesses make decisions, innovate and create value across sectors in Africa. See where our curiosity takes us. 0