Publications tagged `SATIRE`
Name Followers
Stinky Inklings Stinky Inklings — Daily 3-minute funnies from everyone’s favorite fictional humorist. 24
Hot Takes and Cupcakes A humor publication. 23
The Crepe Real News. Real Gay. 22
Infinite Quark A satire kingdom as far as the eye can see 22
FREE BEER MAGAZINE! a humor magazine covering an array of topics, genres, and styles. always accepting new work. the rest of this will be for SEO. comedy! humour! humor publication! submit! funny! satire! satire writing! satire humor comedy submissions! money! sex! violence! porn! 21
The Bacon Beacon This is a teaser page for, leading satire magazine for people who know. Imagine if The Onion and Vogue had a baby. Aw! 20
The Snickering Skull The Snickering Skull is where humor & horror party 20
Never Feed Him After Midnight Short one-to-three-minute funnies set free from my Trapper Keeper and dolled up with that old 80s and 90s poofy-haired charm. 19
Dungeons ’n’ Durags One black nerd’s epic quest of self-discovery, racial identity, and crisis of faith in Trump’s America. 18
The Critter Feed Celebrating all things animal and some things Alex. 17
Intelligence Challenged When did being a moron become such a point of pride? 16
The Washington Boast A decent humor publication. 16
Hades United My mission is to gather a group of counter-mainstream thinkers and readers that believe writing can be used to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of art. Satire/dark humor welcome. 15
Voices in My Head A home for the thoughts bubbling up through my skull and into my typing fingers. 15
The Humo(u)r Mill Comedy from the flippant fingers of people who think they’re funnier than you 15