Publications tagged `SATIRE`
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Consumer Purports Consumer Purports delivers the satirical news you need. Stay up to date on Esohphobee develpoments in the year 2031. Read a 100 word short story on your break. Plus, we give you a reason to look at your phone whenever you need to avoid an awkward situation. 2
The Hmmingbird We hover. 1
Skolcrod’s Comedy Corner Laugh until your tentacles hurt, or my name isn’t Skolcrod 1
Spicy or Mild I like my humor spicy with a side of honey mustard dipping sauce 1
Out of the Water The Epic of Moses — A Satire in Blank Verse 0
The Cheese Plate Nonsensical Satire and My Other Musings. Best enjoyed with wine. 0
Posh Tit’s Clam Frap What does an upper-class avian ponder as he sips his blended shellfish beverage? Why, poignant absurdities about politics, culture, and society. This is the direct source to these musings. 0
Surreal Singapore Becausethe truth is sometimes even stranger than fiction. 0
Satire & The State Exploring the relationship between power and comedy. 0
Fun-Sized Stories and essays to chronicle the shenanigans, emotions, insights that come from being a new parent to young kids. Meant to all be taken with a grain of salt, preferably on the rim of a big margarita. 0