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Culture Cog Culture Cog by ReReeti Foundation is a space for conversations on art, heritage and culture and their interdisciplinary nature. By bringing in a variety of voices from the humanities and social sciences, we’d like to explore connections that aren’t found in the mainstream. 6
The Friday Post Another Indian Muslim blog 5
James Beard Foundation Good food for good™ // 5
Culture Magazin Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Asian-English magazine. Bridging East and West. 5
Lunazee Join us as we talk with Amsterdam’s amazing residents, discuss local politics and bring you all the best tips on getting around the city’s cultural, political or nightlife scenes. 5
Codifying Living at the intersection of people, culture and engineering 5
NeuroPsyAntics Personal/professional hybrid blog of Anu Kumar. Stories include research, scicomm, and culture. 5
Holyfield Sports & Culture 5
Ideas On Info We are a small, independent website offering information and ideas on the world around us. We aim to produce our content in such a way as to provide a clear divide between what is fact and what is opinion. 5
Thinky Thoughts Almanac Ponderations and Poetry from the nerd lunchtable 5
ColdPressed 100% organic content to detoxify your mind and body. Join our publications growing health and fitness community for thoughtfully sourced articles on training, nutrition, mindset, and culture to become the best version of yourself mentally and physcially. 5
Radical We talk about co-management and co-ownership in order to make a more just world. Freedom, transparency, empathy. We recognize that human dignity and relationships drive how we live and work together. 5
Voyages The World is yours to see 5
AVIOT: Unraveled In a world where outrage culture seems all too common, the following publication explores controversial opinions expressed on the AVIOT podcast by way of its often politically incorrect co-hosts. 4
we are all daughters. We explore ideas, products and therapies that help us live consciously and manage stress and burnout. We make + curate a selection of self care tools at 4