Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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Cellar & Hearth A publication about food, beverages, and the stories of the people involved. 0
Republic Of Story A curated collection of trends and moments of women in film and television. 0
Coronadiet Coronadiet is an outlet, a diary log, and an experimental ground offering commentary on art consumed during quarantine, a time of hunger for stimulation. Menu changes regularly. Best when served fresh. 0
Life@Zeta We’re folks from diverse backgrounds who’ve come together to make payments invisible, fast, safe and to make end user experience meaningfully different for our customers. 0
The Commerce Journal Stories about humanity in modern business 0
Sojourn Tales Humorous travel stories about cross-cultural communication. 0
Muse Factory Magazine A place to celebrate and encourage creative work. 0
Sophie in Sweatpants Picture your favorite day of the week. Does it involve snacks, sweatpants, and self-care? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In each post, Sophie explores a new avenue of wellness and happiness in a time when we need it the most. Why not make every day feel like Sunday? 0
Eating and Drinking Around the World This is not a food blog. Yes, there are recipes within, but the focus is more on placing different aspects of international cuisine into their historical context, exploring how they developed and how significant they are to a countries identity. 0
The Psychedelic Society The Psychedelic Society is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to create a culture of deep connection to self, each other, the natural world and the mystery of existence. 0
the nuanced african Medium’s home of authentic African stories by Africans and friends of Africa. Here, when we tell and retell our stories with our own voices, we silence the misconceptions about Africa and invite the world into the essence of the Ebony continent. 0
AVIOT: Critic’s Choice In today’s society where “cancel culture” runs rampant, politically incorrect talking points, no matter the intention, often seem taboo or appear offensive to mass groups. Here, we unpack touchy subjects discussed on the AVIOT podcast, known for its honesty no matter the result. 0
The World Unlimited Cultural differences, travel stories, and curios facts from all over the world. 0
A Thousand Plateaus Welcome to A Thousand Plateaus, a series of essays about the ebbs and flows of culture. 0
Forward In Time Cogitation is about learning from the world around us and discussing ways to improve as individuals and as a species. We welcome thoughtful, introspective, and positive discussion. If you‘re a friendly person with a curious and constructive nature, this is the place for you. 0