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Backyard Church Thoughts on applying a 2000 year old religion to 21st Century life 1,758
Open Digerati Design. Develop. Share. 332
American Association of Christian Counselors The AACC exists to equip and encourage clinical, pastoral, and lay care-givers with the Biblical truths and psychosocial insights that help hurting persons move toward personal wholeness, interpersonal competence, mental stability, and spiritual maturity. 200
The Gravity of Guilt Navigating life post-religion 46
Minoo W. Kim Ball don't lie. 39
Life Under the Cross Life Under the Cross publishes the writings of various authors on the topics of Faith, Worship, Culture, and The Christian Life. Rooted in biblical and historically-informed Christianity, we seek to encourage thought-provoking dialogue from a variety of perspectives. 13
incarnate faith musings on the “weightier matters” 7
Church On The Edge Seeking to live on the edge, like Jesus. 6
The Renewal Provocative essays on biblical theology and the state of the local Church in America and around the world. 3
Uncompromised Truth over popularity. Integrity over fame. 1
Channing Church Topics of interest from Channing Church 0