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PMP Magazine - Readers Blog! Join the conversation… Challenge your opinions! Read our magazine now: 5,740
The Politicalists Politics chat while the world burns. 411
UK Politics Today The Place for UK Politics 113
It’s Never Too Late Round Europe in a Beetle 37 NEWS MATTERS IN CRITICAL TIMES — Whether it is migration, climate change, populism or globalisation, The Battleground will look behind the news headlines, provide context, perspective and clarity where there is confusion and conflict. Ultimately it is about defending democracy. 36
No Man’s Land Blog & pod on politics and centrism. For those stuck between political trenches and watching. By @steve0neil, @beardysocialist & @AkashPaun. 5
broken 8 Money is the epicentre of modern life, and global markets drive it. Investing in the markets exposes you to life’s constant imperfection and confronts your perception of everything. So, it helps to be philosophical. Thoughts on investing, business, politics and society — money. 0
326 UK 326 UK provides independent analysis of the latest political developments. 0