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Oxford University Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world. We aim to lead the world in research and education. Contact: 23,538
This Cambridge Life People make Cambridge University unique. Cooks, gardeners, students, archivists, professors, alumni: all have a story to share. 858
USSbriefs A set of papers written by University Staff and Students, on University Staff and Students, for University Staff and Students. We are also on 212
The Outlier Deep Data Science Stories of Academics, Entrepreneurs and Students by D.S.A. Pattern, the study association for all Data Science students at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Tilburg University (TiU) and the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS). 164
Keele University №1 in England for Course Satisfaction (The Guardian, 2019) and TEF Gold. Britain's largest single-site campus. Many, many squirrels. 150
UCLA Magazine Covering the UCLA dreamers and game-changers who shape the world around us. 124
The ALU Editorial A catalogue of thoughts, ideas, and stories from the African Leadership University. 87
Anecdotes of Academia The world of academia is vast and vibrant—full of exciting anecdotes. This publication presents stories of trial and tribulation of academics (educators) in their journey to become a scholar in the world of academia. 81
culinaryclubiitr Where food meets crazy students 37
UWCCF UWCCF student blog 33
Digital Publishing Strategy A collection of essays written by Brookes Publishing Media MA students on the future of publishing. 27
researchsummer Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague supports research activities of talented students 15
Kortext We’re the UK’s leading personal learning platform, providing eBooks and eTextbooks to students all around the globe. 8
Bucknell AI & CogSci Research, Teaching, and any other cool things related to AI and Cognitive Science @ Bucknell 5
Making Knowledge Public A place to talk about university knowledge, open access and making knowledge public. 3