The Outlier

Deep Data Science Stories of Academics, Entrepreneurs and Students by D.S.A. Pattern, the study association for all Data Science students at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Tilburg University (TiU) and the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS).

Roy Klaasse Bos

Research Master Tilburg University | Data & Product Studyportals | Graduate Intern Microsoft

Joseph Carlo

Data Scientist in training at Jheronimius Academy of Data Science ๐Ÿ“— Problem Solver ๐Ÿ’ก Gamer ๐ŸŽฎ

Rick Hankel

Data philosopher. People listener. Story writer.

Dijon Kock

Data Science Padawan following the Path of the Jedi. Wielding my trusty keyboard and mouse I will slay the world of data illiteracy. From sunny Aruba.

Dragos Tomescu

Business savvy data scientist with a focus on marketing analytics. I write about data-driven applications and their impact on business and society.

J. Lanters

Data โ†’ information โ†’ knowledge || Being cautious is a risk too. ||

Nadine Hol

Junior Data Scientist | Joint Bachelor in Data Science

Pauline Kuss

Data Science, Law and Society โ€” On a mission to find that healthy balance between technological innovation and the bigger picture

Eva-Maria Locusteanu

โ€œData! Data! Data!โ€ he cried impatiently. โ€œI canโ€™t make bricks without clay.โ€

Agis Georgiou

Data Scientist | A.I. | Real Estate | Entrepreneurship | Business LinkedIn :

John Ostrowski

From Brazil to the United States, the journey of life now brought me to Hungary to carry on with my Data Science studies and expand my horizons through Europe.

Emma van Beek

BSc Data Science | love for reading and writing | become your best self by learning from your mistakes


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