Publications tagged `MYSTERY`
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History of Yesterday From the times that the pyramids were raised to the end of the cold war in this publication you will find it all. This is a publication that has been created to tell the stories of forgotten battles and fortunes that have crafted the world that we live in today. 5,539
True Crime by Cat Leigh Unsolved true crime cases. Murders, disappearances, and unexplained deaths. 965
Of Misdeeds and Mysteries True Crime and Unbelievably Real Stories; we aim to shine a light on the forgotten and unknown. 614
Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem in the Old North State From Tom Dula and Velma Barfield to pirates and bootleggers, North Carolina has some strange and mysterious stories to tell. Come along for the ride as we share stories that reflect the darker side of North Carolina history. 200
Fictitious Short fiction by Scott Gese. I make stuff up. 79
Deru Kugi Immovable Object 33
Marvels of History Putting a spotlight on the unusual and remarkable side of history 20
The Mysterious Miscellany The Mysterious Miscellany is a compendium of the unsolved — from historical and archaeological mysteries to the scientific and not-so-scientific. Strange disappearances, mystery noises, hauntings, bizarre artifacts and happenings — we cover it all. 18