Publications tagged `LIFESTYLE`
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Goals Publication Goals is a publication that focuses on working smarter, not harder. Health is key, our content encourages healthy living, good habits, self-love and self-care. We welcome content that covers the following topics: Health and wellness, success habits and self-improvement. 21
Limitless RA Limitless is a publication built to create a community of women surviving and thriving with Rheumatoid Arthritis. 20
Typesetter Cafe a home for lifestyle, humanities, liberal arts and critical thought pieces. 19
Think Dank Dedicated to the aggregation of high-quality ideas 19
Modern Hijab Life Celebrating lives lived beautifully in hijab. 19
Anti Clickbait Coalition The Anti Clickbait Coalition features many topics, but has strict requirements for story-titles and content, so readers can focus on the articles they really want to read. 19
Maria Personal Shopper Fashion tips for everyone 19
The Helping Han The Helping Han is a place where I share my thoughts and give advice based on my experience. I cover everything from personal finance to social issues to relationships. 19
The Modern Professional Personal Development. Professional Advice. #bemorethanyour9to5 17
Living Freely A collection of stories documenting the journey to living a more enhanced life. Whether it’s about money, traveling, or work, we cover the major milestones and applaud the smallest of victories. If you learned something that made your life better, we want to hear about it. 17
Alex Walling Sharing my stories, thoughts, and adventures with you through my own blog. 16
Becoming A place for the essays and poems of Yardena Schwersky 16
The View Voice your authenticity. Imperfections are cool. We should romanticize them more. 16
Bold Journal Life Lessons for Modern Fathers — ‘Bold Journal’ is a lifestyle magazine for fathers living in this era. 14