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Erudite Discourse Literature, whether classic or contemporary, is an irreplacable treasure which is up to us to preserve. Here, we analyse and talk about classic and critically acclaimed works and their authors. 1
The Book Gossiper The latest book and author news, reading recommendations and booklist paradise. As an Amazon Associate, The Book Gossiper earns from qualifying purchases. 1
The Not So Daily Emma This is a welcoming and safe place for all people. Articles here could range from the benefits of microdosing to the tragedy of my clumsinesss. Happy Reading! 1
Share Your Views A place to share your thoughts, ideas ,views about books, movies, TV shows and more 1
The One-Stop-Shop to Self-Improvement The publication pulls together as many insights from self improvement as possible and synthesize them into coherent and overarching advice 0
Books To Film and Back Again A place for beloved books and their subsequent films. Reviews, commentary, interviews and more. 0
Let’s Write A publication about writing for the writing community, covering books, freelance, self-publishing and more. 0
Bookish PhDLife The diary of a bookish PhD student. Featuring topics related to books, Phdlife and self improvement. 0
J. Sommer Focus on the ideas 0
The Demoread A weekly letter on art, music, books, teaching, writing, and the ravine behind my house. Delivered Sundays. 0
thebookishelf Read, Write, Publish 0
Nothing Applies A literary point of entry into some philosophical and psychological matters 0
Soothing Quotes Designed to relax, inspire, and celebrate golden nuggets within literature. Writers are encouraged to share meaningful quotes or passages, alongside notes on how the words influence or inspire them. 0
BookBites The best way to thank an author is to write a review. This is a collection of book reviews written by Nidhi Menon. 0
Life According to Max My name is Max Wilde and I’m a trained historian! Here you will find a collection of stories about my main passions: History, Gaming & Technology, Movies & Books, and Education! Check out my website — 0