Publications tagged `JOURNALISM`
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Journalism in the Americas Covering press freedom and journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean 2
Lit Life Book news, reviews and more from an award-winning critic 2
Oh Joan You Didion’t: LMU. Literary. Journalism. Literary Journalism from LMU in Los Angeles 1
We are the IPI global network for journalism The International Press Institute is the global network of editors, journalists and publishers for independent journalism and press freedom, since 1950 1
gabgr-portfolio My journalism portfolio 0
Young Spurs The Young Spurs, a partnership between University of North Texas’ Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference has teamed up with the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and Biographers International, is a writing contest aims to offer high school and community college writers 0
portfoliogamesjournalism A look at my writing about video games. 0
Xpress Magazine A temporary home for San Francisco State University’s student-run magazine 0
Joe Donatelli A reasonable person on the internet 0
Uh-oh! I’m a journalist Entry-level journalism for the clueless correspondent. 0
UK Labour Articles, thought pieces, and information surrounding U.K. Labour politics 0
Advanced Reporting: The City A platform for the words and art—Q&As, features, profiles and case studies—from a capstone class on covering cities, and how they’re changing. 0
MEET la PRENSA MEET la PRENSA is an interview show co-created, co-produced, and co-hosted by Ivan Elias in Boston and Pablo Manriquez in Washington, D.C. 0
Melanin**Ari Surviving yet Thriving is key to this world. Aesthetic Anime Enthusiast. Nostalgia Learner. Lover for Arts. Reading is my passion. Amethyst for Balance. 0
Art’s Content Art’s Content: A publication dedicated to the love of art, in all its forms. From musings on Museums to Music, and everything inbetween: expect opinion pieces, reviews and wonderings on the place of art in today’s society. Follow, Support and Read to your Art’s Content! 0