Tanda Product Team

Building the world’s #1 Workforce Success platform

Liam Sheppard

UX Designer/Product Manager @ Tanda 🤠

Jun Ling

Software Engineer (Growth Team) at Tanda. Talk to me about chess, rock climbing, science, programming.

David Buchan-Swanson

Software Engineer at Tanda

Renee Mellish

Head of Product @ Tanda

Dave Allie

Software Developer @ Tanda

Dom Hutton

Technical lead, normal garment wearing cyclist, climbs rocks sometimes. Returned from the land of the burnt out, more or less nocturnal.

Kelvin O'Shea

UI/UX Designer @TandaHQ

Alex Ghiculescu

founder — www.tanda.co. overuses hyphens.

Brod Gaggi

Product Manager

Brooke Royston

Just a UI/UX Designer @ Tanda that loves Product Design and Psychology

Kelvin O'Shea

Product Designer & Developer @ Clipchamp. Music and movie obsessed.

Latest Posts

Preventing erroneous Rails migrations

At Tanda, we’ve never really had a smooth ride with migrations, a medium-sized development team, and shared development resources (such as…

Building the Tanda App

Before 2017, Tanda did not offer a mobile app. It was clear that building a mobile app was an important step to take to make our product…

What a product manager is… and is not

Product management is a relatively new field and as a result, there are lots of interpretations of what it actually means. Depending on…

Designing Rosters in the Tanda Mobile App

In January 2017, I started my summer internship at Tanda. Our task was to design and build the Tanda Mobile App — a pretty daunting task…

Dangerfile and Git and GitHub

To someone unfamiliar with the internal workings of Danger, it’s not particularly obvious how one is meant to interact with Git and GitHub…

Getting started with React Native: A designer’s experience

Lessons learned from jumping head first into React Native

Rails teams, what are you meant to do with structure.sql?

One of the big unsolved mysteries about building a Rails app in a team — at least, in my team — is what you should do about the…

The only reason to build software is to sell it

When we were a small young company, this quote went unsaid and was probably fairly obvious, because we had no other option. If we couldn’t…

Antifragility and git flow

Antifragility is a concept coined by author Nassim Nicholas Taleb to describe things that benefit from randomness, chaos, or disorder. As…

5 things you should forget when you finish uni

It’s that time of the year again when a whole bunch of students are finishing uni, and a bunch more are looking forward to spending the…


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