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The Teachers on Fire Magazine features articles written by agents of growth and transformative change in K-12 education today. If you like to write about education, reach out to @TeachersOnFire to become a writer for this publication. Writers keep full ownership of content.

Teachers On Fire

Discussing agents of growth and transformative ideas in K-12 education today. Posts are written by Tim Cavey/@MisterCavey. #GrowthMindset #4Cs #IBL #PBL

Tim Cavey

Host of the @TeachersonFire 🎙podcast. Big believer in #GrowthMindset, #thePowerofYet. #EdTech should promote the #5Cs. Love @GoogleForEdu. #MEdL in progress.

Latest Posts

The Case for School Librarians

School librarians are a significant part of the educational experience we offer our students. They provide collaborative, engaging…

I is for Imagine

Imagine a classroom. You don't have to imagine it, you're in it right now. The colorful poster on the wall with the sparkly starts that…

Leadership Lessons: Thermostat vs Thermometer

I tend to think about leadership in many interesting ways. Having worked in both business and classroom cultures, a part of my interest is…

On Teaching Writing

Teaching writing is my passion. Like anything else, as time passes I continue to learn more effective methods for nurturing the young…

H is for Happy

Happy makes the learning happen

What I Learned About Education on a Sailboat

A teacher’s reflections on being an unfamiliar student

Teachers are Professionals

When we enter into the teaching world, we are usually aware of the difficulties that come along with it. The long hours, the low wages…

Is it too much or too little when it comes to school initiatives?

Educating students is a challenging experience in and of itself, so are we hampering the success of our schools by lumping too much on…

A Call to Action

We have reached a critical point in the future of education, yes. We know this. We know that overarching legislation does not work. We…

An Ode to Poetry

Oh, poetry. You beautiful, expressionist, challenging, frustrating beast. Many struggle to find your deeper meaning, your hidden messages…


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