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The Teachers on Fire Magazine features articles written by agents of growth and transformative change in K-12 education today. If you like to write about education, reach out to @TeachersOnFire to become a writer for this publication. Writers keep full ownership of content.

Teachers On Fire

Discussing agents of growth and transformative ideas in K-12 education today. Posts are written by Tim Cavey/@MisterCavey. #GrowthMindset #4Cs #IBL #PBL

Tim Cavey

Host of the @TeachersonFire podcast. Big believer in #GrowthMindset, #thePowerofYet. #EdTech should promote the #4Cs. Love @GoogleForEdu. #MEdL in progress.

Latest Posts

Becoming a better writing teacher

These past couple years as a language arts teacher have been life changing. I have discovered my passion for teaching this subject area and…

33 Essential Quotes from Teach Like a Pirate

Find out why this Dave Burgess classic is a must-read for teachers.

Motivating Students to Read

English language arts teachers are faced with a myriad of challenging tasks, from critical literacy skills to grammatical understanding. A…

Just Start: Get on the Track of Improvement

By settling for safety, we miss out on certain growth and learning.


The #OneWord2019 hashtag is something I first saw on Twitter right before the holiday. I know, I’m late to the game and living under a…

You want to be a gamer when you grow up?

A teacher’s perspective.

My #OneWord2019: Create

This will be a year for new content. New learning. New relationships.

The Joy of Food in Education

When it comes to building a positive staff culture, food is an easy win.

The Power of Authentic Writing

Some incredible things happened in my 8th grade English classroom today.

They have a story

Empowering student voice


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