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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Technologist, Inventor, Cognitive Scientist, empowering writers & readers. Founder of ILLUMINATION, curating key messages. Connection:


Senior Editor and Content Curator of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium. Writer applications:


Lead Editor of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium. Cross-pollinating and supporting 18,000+ writers. Apply via

Chelsea Mandler MAT

Everyday mortal, person, human, eccentric, unconventional, educated, and most importantly, open-minded.

Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters.

Dr Michael Heng

Top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer on CSR, Explorer, Enabler. Top Writer in Poetry. Drives ventures and enterprises. ILLUMINATION Editor and Writer.

Bill Abbate

Leadership Writer and Editor in ILLUMINATION, Leadership/Executive Coach, Author

Arthur G. Hernandez

Once and future merchant, leadership enthusiast, philosopher, writer, and poet.

Liam Ireland

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

Dew Langrial

Living life in awe of it all. Hoping to make sense. A Thinker, Writer & Storyteller. Working on my tech startup.

Sumera Rizwan

I share stories about real life experiences and anything that touches my heart.

Tree Langdon

Improve your writing in just 5 minutes. Join me here:


Senior editor and content curator of Illumination Integrated Publications focusing on Technology Hits publication on Medium.

Dr. Preeti Singh

Doctorate in Finance, Professor, Author, I write about Life’s experiences, edutech. 7xTop writer.

Pranjal Saxena

Senior Data Scientist | Industry Expert | Get access to premium content on Python & Data Science by Clicking here:

Karen Madej

Inspirer of self-improvement. Observer of all life forms. Finder of solutions. |

You, Me and Happiness

Helen Müller | Writing to inspire Conscious Living | Coach / DNA Upgrade Specialist - I remove mental blocks 🌐 ➜

Noorain Ali

8X Top Writer | Want to avail a free “Writing Guidance” E-book? Click here:

Krishna V Chaudhary

10M+ Views | History Writer | 4x Top Writer | Quality over Quantity | Contact me:


Full-time security architect and part-time biohacker; I want to share cybersecurity knowledge with everyone by translating it as simply as possible.

Aiden (Illumination Gaming)

Specialise in Media, Design, Filmmaking, Gaming. I support Illumination as an editor and YouTube coordinator.

Annelise Lords

Helping you is Healing me! Let's heal each other through our inspirational power of words.

Nuno Campos

I am a Senior SysAdmin, enthusiastic about productivity apps and opensource tools

Dr John Frederick Rose

Love poetry, forests and my garden. Managing health through structured diet and exercise. Writing poetry, history and philosophy. Research systems engineer.

John Leung

Writer. Desire to inspire others about technology, life, self-help, and investment.

Ștefan Pleșca

I’m a creative senior DevOps engineer, AWS and Azure certified, fluent in Linux, Windows, scripting, and infrastructure automation. 100% Challenge driven! :-)

Gareth Willey

Photographer • Yodeler • Minimalist

Yogesh Haribhau Kulkarni (PhD)

PhD (Geometric Modeling), Adjunct Professor (Data Science), Google Developer Expert (Machine Learning) | More at


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