Building new digital experiences by focusing on user privacy, openness, and decentralization. Makers of https://www.textile.photos/

Andrew Hill

Co-founder of Textile.io, the makers of https://textile.photos/join.

Sander Pick

Co-founder/CTO @ https://textile.io. Having fun with p2p networks, cryptography, and rock climbing.

Carson Farmer

Works at Textile.io. Former prof, turned dweb professional. Writes about ipfs, textile, dweb, decentralization, etc.

Latest Posts

Building peer-to-peer games on IPFS — a look at Interplanetary Tag

To showcase a few ways that game developers can leverage IPFS using Textile, we recently built, Interplanetary Tag. The game is simple…

$1.5 Million in Funding and the Start of a New Chapter

Today, we are proud to share that we raised a $1.5m seed round, led by BlueYard and including Collaborative Fund, Multicoin, SystemOne…

Textile Update | June 2019

As summer continues to heat up, so too does Textile!

IPFS Camp 2019: The Highlights and Takeaways

After four days of back to back action and three nights of very short sleep, IPFS Camp 2019 is a wrap. Unfortunately not everyone could be…

Introducing the Textile Android SDK

The easiest way to run Textile and IPFS in your native app

Decentralized, offline-first, cmd-line chat app in < 100 lines of code

Here’s the quickest way to build an offline-first chat app for Nodejs

Textile’s network of cafes are now open to developers!

At Textile, we’ve been working hard to make building fast, high-quality IPFS apps easy for developers. One solution we’ve generated is…

Introducing the Textile SDK for iOS

Native mobile access to the decentralized web for super-charging your mobile dApps

Introducing the Textile Javascript Client

Supercharge your desktop and browser apps with Textile

How to Start Contributing to Textile Photos

Last week, I joined the Textile team as an engineering intern. I spent the bulk of the week setting up my development environment, reading…


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