Building new digital experiences by focusing on user privacy, openness, and decentralization. Makers of https://www.textile.photos/

Andrew Hill

Co-founder of Textile.io, the makers of https://textile.photos/join.

Sander Pick

Co-founder/CTO @ https://textile.io. Having fun with p2p networks, cryptography, and rock climbing.

Carson Farmer

Data Scientist at Textile, Assistant Professor at University of Colorado Boulder

Benjamin Lupton

Liberty focused Software Engineer. Explorer of the known and unknown.

Latest Posts

Introducing a Tour of Textile

The fastest way to build your next decentralized app using IPFS

OMGoodness it’s May! Here’s the Textile April update.

We’ve fallen a couple of weeks behind in our monthly update but wanted to fire this off to ensure we don’t lose the cadence completely…

Building the Firebase for CRDTs

The first thing I read this morning was an excellent write-up on building the next generation of software, Local-first software: You own…

Textile Update | March 2019

March developer madness… making things easier for devs

Introducing the Textile Desktop Series

Textile is expanding quickly. Our next target? Your desktop and browser.

Textile Notes: A minimalist tool for your creative ideas

When do you have your best ideas? For me, they usually come when I’m walking, half way between origin and destination. Other times, they…

Carson Farmer on IPFS — The essential reading list

How IPFS works and how to build on it.

Textile makes it easy to run IPFS peers in your mobile apps

Does Textile Photos run an IPFS peer on every user’s mobile device? We get the question often, so we know the answer isn’t obvious. The…

Textile Update | February 2019

Better late than never… here’s your February update, in March

AirSecure — Own Your One-Time Passwords

Today we are sharing a guest post authored by Cody Hatfield. Cody brought the idea of AirSecure to EthDenver, where he helped build it…


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