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Brandon Chu

GM, Platform @shopify. Still a PM at ❤️.

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David Hariri on co-founding Ada, the pivot that created a unicorn, and what product-market fit…

In this episode I speak with David Hariri, co-founder of Ada, an AI powered customer support platform that raised at a 1.2B valuation in…

Product Management Mental Models for Everyone

Mental models are simple expressions of complex processes or relationships. These models are accumulated over time by an individual and…

Managing and Developing Product Managers

If the craft of Product Management is often mired in ambiguity, managing product managers is ambiguity².

The First Principles of Product Management

Some of the best PMs I know make their decisions based on first principles. A first principle is a “basic, foundational proposition or…

Making Good Decisions as a Product Manager

While product managers may not build the actual product, they do produce something very tangible for a team: decisions.


For as long as I’ve been working in tech I’ve heard this oscillating debate about the use of deadlines in projects, with particularly…

Ruthless Prioritization

All high functioning teams must prioritize. Not once a month, not once a week — but rigorously, and ruthlessly.

Applying Leverage as a Product Manager

I get every new PM I manage to read (or re-read) High Output Management by Andy Grove within the first month of joining my team. It’s a…

Scaling Conversational Commerce

We just enabled 325,000 merchants to sell in messaging, without building a bot.


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