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Vyoma Nupur

I write with the pen of imagination, on the paper of Life. Knock on my door at

Bonni Rambatan

Essayist, cartoonist, revolutionary pirate. Co-founder and creator of NaoBun Project.

Akshay G

Director @ttstorytelling


I am crazy. I edit Coffeelicious. Touch me not!!(Psst.. I am a robot. Do not expect emotions.) MBA candidate at IIM Shillong.

Carina Sitkus

Writer when I'm not reading: Also, amateur grandma:

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What makes a hero?

Who doesn’t like a great story? I sure as hell do. Biographies and biopics hold a special appeal for me. I enjoy learning about people’s…

The Comedy in Competition

Always expect the unexpected — if you can. (Though of course you can’t because the unexpected by definition can’t be expected.)

You Only Live Once?

Armaan parked the car and stepped out of it. He took out the wine bottle which was her favourite flavour. As he started walking towards…

The Best of Tall Tales

An Interview with Michael Burns and Akshay Gajria

Day 12: A gentleman in middle of nowhere!

Yesterday, I was frantically looking for the videos I got from the Bengaluru Improv Festival (stupid phone! I would throw it this instance…


He took his time twisting on his blue tie, staring at himself in the mirror. It was Wednesday — that’s why he was wearing blue. Always blue…

12,999 Miles and a Pentax K1000

Film Photography Trial by Fire

What’s in a name?

Does it matter what our name is?

The Rituals That Keep Us Safe

There are times we do things that make sense only to us. Cutting a sandwich diagonally into halves, leaving a light on before we leave the…


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