Publications tagged `COMICS`
Name Followers
The Coffeelicious Home to some of the best stories on medium. Look around, relax and enjoy one with a sip of coffee. 200,129
The Nib Political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction. Words plus pictures. 88,862
The Design Team Comics about a design team for a tech startup in Silicon Valley. 26,246
Spiralbound Comics for life, brought to life by Edith Zimmerman. 10,765
The Fluxus First thing in the morning: a glass of water and a cartoon by The Fluxus. 6,264
ZEAL ZEAL is an online publication of criticism, comics, and more on the least talked about things worth talking about, with art, essays, and comics from exciting and diverse new voices. You can support our work and get access to exclusive editor's desk content by becoming a member. 3,448
One Minute Wit Life is short. Read short humor. Witty reads under a minute long. Got a minute? 639
drDOCTOR A small press, literary magazine, occasional reading series, and bookchanalia featuring prose, poetry, and photography on all things Americana. 553
The Rebel Poets Society If you purge your soul onto paper and are doing it for the love of writing. Then this publication is for you. We love gritty, raw, emotional, thought-provoking, rebellious, sexual, spiritual, nature-related writings and comic strips. 384
Mark Starlin Writes! Stories guaranteed to contain words. 339
DataComics Data comics is a blog series that combines data analysis and story telling with a flavour of humour. Open for giving talks and presentations on data analysis, data viz, storytelling and data art. Please inbox @ for invitations. 295
Andy Anderson Cartoons Looking to add some funny to your feed? Follow this page for new cartoons every week. 189
Rolli Stories, Poems, Cartoons, Drawings — and More 171
Channeldraw Gianluca Costantini is an activist and artist who for years fought his battles through the drawing. Censored on the web by the Turkish government, he angered many French readers for a short comic about Charlie Hebdo’s terrorist story. 124
Foobar Comics Comics and humor inspired by tech, design and other random oddities. 112