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The most important information on the blockchains that are putting control of power in the hands of the people.

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DeFi Usage Numbers

The most popular metric right now for DeFi adoption is total value locked (TVL), shown on trackers like DeFi Pulse. TVL is a good metric…

Grants for Coronavirus Solutions and Support

Beating the virus is going to take as much effort as humanly possible


A non-custodial wallet that makes Ethereum easier to use

A Cryptocurrency Year-in-Review for 2019

Price speculation has been the defining cryptocurrency theme of the past decade. But in 2019, speculation began to take a back seat to…

An Overview of the Crypto Wallet Landscape

Wallets are critical infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. Every crypto behavior — whether buying or selling crypto, hodling crypto…

Joining the Nexus Mutual

Nexus is a community-owned and operated mutual providing cover for DeFi and beyond

1confirmation Portfolio Product Update (Q3 2019)

The two most notable cryptocurrency price trends of 2019 are 1) Bitcoin dominance increasing from ~50% to ~70% and 2) BTC price…

1confirmation Fund II

A $45M fund for founders building products for the cryptocurrency community

The State Growth Problem Facing Blockchains

Much of the discussions around layer 1 chains so far have been about designing new consensus algorithms for better scalability. At the…

Thoughts on Facebook Coin

Facebook recently announced its cryptocurrency initiative called Libra, though Facebook Coin is a more appropriate name for it. The…


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