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Berkeley Study Argues That America Could Have Massive Economic Growth If It Had More Housing

Leading economists are pessimistic that America will ever have enough government revenue to afford either Donald Trump’s ambitious tax cut…

Tech Companies Can Actually Begin A Step Towards Basic Income This Summer

Since the election, I’ve had a lot of off-the-record conversations with leaders in the tech industry who are terrified of a populist…

Free College Will Increase Inequality; Here’s A Better Alternative

I watched in curious awe as Democratic leaders, including Hillary Clinton, spent the last week celebrating New York’s new law for free…

A Step Towards Basic Income: Analysis Of A Proposed Congressional Bill

A deep-dive into America’s first step towards a basic income paid for as an alternative to Republican corporate tax breaks

The Science Of How I Lost 7 Pounds in 7 Days While Enhancing My Productivity

A Rapid Weight-Loss Version Of The Genius Diet (Draft Version 0.5)

The Genius Diet: 30+ Science-Based Tips For A Better Body Through Greater Creativity, Alertness…

A guide to a better body through a better mind (*Draft Version 0.5*)

Hillary Clinton Will Likely Be As Pro-Innovation as President Obama. Here’s the Data To Prove It

There is a Grand Canyon-size gap between the enthusiasm that Silicon Valley had for Barack Obama and what tech titans currently feel…

Clinton Won Because College-Educated Voters Prefer Her To Sanders. Here’s Why.

While Republicans get headlines for being the party of internal chaos, Democrats are fighting an equally divisive power struggle. The…

I Interviewed Dozens Of Tech Executives About Trump and Thiel. Here’s What The Numbers Tell Us.

It is difficult to overstate Silicon Valley’s overwhelming disdain for Donald Trump: over 140 prominent technologists recently penned an…


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