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The Frisc shares voices and tells stories about our city in flux.

Anthony Lazarus

editor, writer, journalist @TheFrisc, curator, content manager, communicator —now @Wired, formerly @MarketWatch / @WSJ Digital. i fancy frankness and legumes.

Alex Lash

Editor in chief and founder of The Frisc. Also the national biotech editor of Xconomy, San Franciscan, dad, and the original Lefty Malo.

Jeremy LaCroix

Working towards creating more than consuming.

Jomo Z.

Designer, San Francisco booster, and contributor to The Frisc.

Latest Posts

All Eyes on the Haight for the City’s Next Homeless Services Site

SF has funds in place for a Navigation Center for young people. But is there enough political will?

Whatever Happened To … Part 2

It’s our 2nd anniversary. Time to update some of our popular stories: Social justice at Lowell High, and a 2nd century at Paul’s Hat Works.

A New App Blows the Whistle on SF’s Blocked Bike Lanes

Launched shortly after a bicyclist’s tragic death, Lane Breach collects citizen data to drive faster changes to city streets.

Whatever Happened To …

For our 2nd anniversary, we’re updating our most popular stories. Part 1: Coyotes among us, and a topsy-turvy housing fight on Divisadero.

What The Frisc? (3.0)

For two years we’ve been intensely devoted to San Francisco, documenting our city’s bewildering changes. We’re just getting started.

Washington High’s Mural Must Be Removed, the School Board Says. The Question is How

After an hour of passionate pleas from both sides, the vote was unanimous. It was also ambiguous.

SF’s Mayor and Supervisors Are In a Flame War Over Affordable Housing

Our housing crisis drags on. Our politicians battle over local control and gory details. Schoolteachers continue to hurt for places to…

London Breed Has Loud and Vociferous Foes — Except On the Ballot in November

After two SF progressives were defeated in 2018, other prominent politicians are sitting out the coming mayoral election.

Housing Arguments Over SB 50 Distort My Upzoning Study. Here’s How to Get Zoning Changes Right

Whether more buildings and greater density make units more affordable is a good question, but results from Chicago are being…

SF’s Bus Lanes Are Another Battlefront Over Who Decides the Future

The transit improvement may be moving to well-to-do West Portal, which can’t cry foul about so-called gentrification.


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